Nancy Kohlberg


“…a modest but powerful force in a variety of causes from sustainable agriculture to environmental protection…”

Through the creation of Cabbage Hill Farm Foundation in the 90’s, Nancy Kohlberg became an advocate for sustainable agriculture, heirloom crops, biodiversity, heritage breeds and small farms long before it was trendy to do so. She was a pioneer of the “eat local” movement and through Cabbage Hill Farm Foundation and her restaurant, The Flying Pig, she established a working farm-to-table model that countless Hudson Valley farms and restaurants continue to benefit from to this day. A true advocate for heritage livestock breeds, Mrs. Kohlberg worked extensively to establish viable breeding programs that helped save several endangered breeds including Large Black pigs and Shetland Geese. She created one of the oldest, continuously running commercial aquaponics greenhouses in the country, using it to promote the concept of sustainable agriculture.

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