About Cabbage Hill Farm

Cabbage Hill Farm Chicks

Cabbage Hill Farm and Foundation is a non-profit organization.

Our Mission:  We are dedicated to the preservation of historic farm animals and the small farm. We are dedicated to the practice of sustainable agriculture and aquaponics. We are dedicated to increase awareness through educational model built around a working farm.

No chemicals, hormone, or antibiotics are used in our operation. We take part in the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York Farmer’s Pledge Program.

Devon Cattle

Old-fashioned Devon cattle are perfect for finishing high quality beef on grass alone. The flavor and tenderness of Devon beef is unparalled. All Cabbage Hill beef is grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free. It is humanely handled and slaughtered, and grazed on conservation land.

Old-Fashioned Pork

Old-fashioned breeds, like Berkshire and Large Black, and traditional methods for rearing these rare swine are reflected in the delicious, unrivaled taste of our pork. We take pride in knowing that our animals are free-ranging, allowed to root, and not fed any hormones, antibiotics or commercial feeds.

Pasture-Raised Lamb

Our Shetland Sheep may be famous for their exquisite wool, but this primitive breed’s meat is a delicacy as well. Extremely hearty animals, our Shetland Sheep thrive on grazing and organic grains.


Our greenhouse is used to produce high quality greens and fish year round.  Aquaponics is the practice of using nitrogen rich water that fish are reared in to grow vegetables.  The aquaponics system is a closed system that uses very little water and land to yield a high amount of protein and vegetables.  Our fish include Tilapia, Sunshine Bass, and Rainbow trout.

Sustainably-Grown Produce

We also grow vegetables and greens in raised beds, fields, and hoop houses using our own compost along with organic compost from a local farm. We do not use any pesticides or genetically modified seeds.

Heritage Poultry

We raise pastured, naturally bred Narragansett, Bourbon Red, Maran chickens, Shetland geese and ducks. Pasturing poultry helps keep the harmful insect population at bay and ensures a traditional flavor not found in commercial birds.